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Many of us have had our HVAC system unit fail at the worst possible time. Your HVAC could stop working during a significant event or even on the year’s hottest days, which can cause discomfort and even threaten your health.

Extreme Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a leader in air conditioner service services throughout Haverhill, MA & North Andover, the Lawrence, Boston, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians have over 60 years of combined experience in HVAC maintenance, installation, and repair. They can provide quality air conditioner repairs for your air conditioner unit at a reasonable price. You may notice signs of an imminent breakdown coming soon. These are the things homeowners should consider if their air conditioner unit is in dire need of repair.


There are signs and symptoms that your HVAC may need repairs

Do you hear loud, persistent sounds, experience a loss in cooling or airflow, and pay higher energy bills? You might need to have your air conditioner checked and repaired. Any air conditioner problem can be solved by our team of experts, including:

1) A damaged fan or faulty condenser could cause loud sounds.
2) Low or no cooling: Reduced cooling in your home or office.
3) Inefficient energy use: A significant increase in utility bills even though the unit is only being used occasionally.
4) Poor ventilation and strong odors: These smells can be caused by poor ventilation or vents in your house.
5) Problems with the thermostat and electrical wiring can cause an abrupt shutdown or no power.

Our extensive knowledge in HVAC repairs allows us to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices throughout Haverhill, MA & North Andover. Our technicians will inspect and diagnose any issues affecting your HVAC unit’s performance or preventing it from performing.

HVAC Repairs to Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable

Your home air conditioner is a safety and comfort system that provides comfort for you and your family. It is essential to ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently and effectively. A loss of cooling power or power can cause discomfort and create problems in your home. A poorly functioning air conditioner unit can harm your safety and health during the heat of summer. Many people may have heart-related issues if they don’t have adequate cooling. Poor ventilation can lead to dangerously high interior temperatures and low-quality air. This is especially true if you have seasonal allergies or pre-existing breathing problems.

Extreme Plumbing & Air Conditioning is available to assist you. Our highly skilled technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and provide affordable solutions. Extreme Plumbing & Air Conditioning also offers air conditioner replacement and preventative maintenance through our HVAC tune-up services.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), systems are often overlooked. Until they fail, that is. These systems are crucial for maintaining indoor comfort. The HVAC system is the most costly in your home, and it’s, therefore, essential to find the right company to replace it.

We researched and rated the Top HVAC Companies of 2022, including Carrier Bryant Bryant Goodman Lennox, Rheem, and others. Our rating and all the information we have gathered will help you better understand HVAC systems and help you find the best HVAC company for you.

Our Best HVAC Companies Rating

#1 Carrier
#2 Bryant
#3 Goodman
#4 Lennox
#5 Trane
#5 Rheem
#7 American Standard
#8 York
#8 Frigidaire
#10 Amana
#10 Coleman

Before hiring an HVAC contractor in Haverhill or North Andover, MA, to repair or replace your HVAC system, here are some things to consider in an emergency?

  1. Which description best describes the nature and scope of the problem?
  2. The unit is not running
  3. One location has no air conditioning
  4. There is no air conditioning at all
  5. Too little cooling in one place
  6. There is not enough cooling everywhere
  7. Leaking
  8. Maintenance every year
  9. Inefficient HVAC
  10. What is the age of your air conditioner? (in years)


Extreme Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Haverhill offers air conditioning maintenance and installation services | 24/7 Emergency Service Available | TOLL-FREE: (800) 942-8555 | LOCAL: (978) 352-7900.

Your home’s comfort is dependent on how well your air conditioner system is maintained. Your Haverhill air conditioning system may not be running at its best and could cause your home to lose the comfort it provides. As essential as maintaining your car’s maintenance, HVAC system maintenance is equally crucial for your home. Extreme Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Haverhill will ensure that your HVAC system and AC units run smoothly and efficiently.

Air Conditioner Installations from Licensed & Certified Experts

At Extreme Plumbing, Inc., we install the leading makes and models of air conditioners in Boxford, MA, and the surrounding areas. We provide air conditioning installation services that are guaranteed long-lasting comfort and are perfect for your home and environment. We can recommend the ideal system for your home that is not only sure to last you for years to come but will also lower your energy costs.

Are you ready to watch your energy bills shrink? Modern air conditioning systems are designed to operate at a higher level of energy efficiency, making them an excellent investment for your home. You’ll see a return on investment with the expert installation of a new air conditioner from the professional team at Extreme Plumbing of Boxford, MA.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns with Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance

All air conditioning equipment depends on a tune-up and cleaning regularly. If routine air conditioner maintenance is not performed, this can affect the operating costs of your cooling system. As your air conditioning ages, it becomes faulty and will cause homeowners to have higher utility bills. Having the system expurgated and tuned up will also decrease the repair costs. We offer reduced air conditioner tune-ups for your equipment and affordable repair services.

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