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Trenchless sewer lining, in its simplest form, is the process of creating new pipes within the existing host pipe. The felt tube is made of polyester resin to insert or pull the damaged line. This trenchless drain lining process requires little digging, and it is more eco-friendly than traditional “dig and replaces” sewer or drain pipe repairs. Trenchless sewer rehabilitation is generally less expensive than conventional exhume (dig and replace) methods. Boston residents are increasingly looking at trenchless pipelining to replace traditional drain and sewer repair.

The advantages of trenchless sewer liner in Boston include:

1) Little to no digging
2) More economical
3) Sometimes, it is faster than the dig and replaces the method
4) Alternative to traditional pipes

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Is Trenchless sewer repair cheaper?

Trenchless pipelining can be done effortlessly. Trenchless pipelining is the best option to reline your home’s pipes. Trenchless repairs require less labor, making them cheaper and generally quicker than other repair options.

How does Trenchless Pipe Lining process work?

We use the following steps to conduct trenchless pipelining:

1) A Rooter machine is used to clean out existing host pipelines
2) The video pipe camera confirms if the pipe can receive lining
3) A small pothole is measuring 4ft. A small pothole measuring 4ft. x 3ft. is dug to expose the pipe.
4) Epoxy resin is used to treat a single piece of felt liners
5) The liner is inserted into an old pipe. The calibration tube is then inflated to expand the lining
6) Lining can be “cured-in-place” because epoxy resin cooks, hardens, and then sets.
7) The calibration tube is removed and deflated. A video camera then inspects the results.
8) Pipelining is a permanent and stand-alone new pipeline.
9) Transitions from 4” to6” Reline
10) Non-woven/no stretch liner
11) The minimum design life of 50 years (ASTM).

How long can epoxy pipe linings last?

Studies show epoxy pipelining can last between 35- 50 years, if not more. Our trenchless pipelining process is completed to ASTM standards for a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

Why Choose Trenchless?

The only thing that is certain about a drain issue is that it must be fixed. Clearing the drain line is the first step to correcting the problem. After the bar has been removed, we will perform a complete video inspection of your main drain and sewer lines to determine the source of the problem. The trenchless lining is an option if the host pipe is in danger of collapse or root intrusion. We offer drain and sewer line replacement. You can be sure that we will explain all options and help you choose the best one.

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