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One of the most common problems in a residential home is draining clogs. These systems are the most commonly used, making them more susceptible to misuse and normal wear and tear. You’re familiar with the frustration of a blocked drain or sewer line backup. Even something as simple as a blocked kitchen sink can ruin your day. The bad news is: The bad news? The good news is that Extreme Plumbing can help! Extreme Plumbing can help! We provide cutting-edge camera inspections of the plumbing system in Boston and surrounding areas. These inspections will help our team identify the cause of your sewer or drain problem. Our camera inspections can help us find the problem if hydro jetting or snaking is insufficient.

What is Camera Pipeline Inspection Required?

Camera inspections aren’t necessary for every sewer or drain problem. Hydro jetting and snaking are highly effective drain cleaning methods for even the most stubborn blockages.

If any of these are true, you might consider hiring a professional plumber to inspect your sewer or drain line with a camera.

1) Numerous recurring clogs/blockages have been experienced.
2) Several problems are happening in the pipes
3) It is not clear if tree root invasion occurred.
4) It is important to schedule professional sewer repairs.
5) You suspect that the lines are deteriorating as they age.
6) Hydro jetting and drain snaking has not proven to be effective
7) It is impossible to know the cause of your sewer/drain problems

Camera inspections eliminate the guesswork in the area of your sewer and drain lines. Our team can provide a precise, accurate diagnosis and help you determine the cause of the problem. We can then quickly and efficiently repair or replace damaged items, giving you greater confidence that we have a lasting solution.

How long will the camera inspection take?

You are busy and don’t have time to wait for a camera inspection. Extreme Plumbing will take care of you! Camera inspections usually take less than two hours.

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Extreme Plumbing will provide exceptional customer service and artistry when you hire them for your Boston camera plumber inspection service. We can usually dispatch a technician to you within 24 hours of receiving your call. All our prices are upfront and in writing. We treat your property and you with respect, keep our work areas clean and leave your property better than we found it. Our 100% client satisfaction guarantee backs all of our services.

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