24/7 Boston Water Heater Installation & Replacement

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Are you tired of waiting on the shower to heat up? Extreme Plumbing Heating & Air has a range of water heaters that can heat water instantly or use solar energy. These heaters will make the bath and kitchen a pleasant place.

When it’s time to call a Boston water heater repair expert

Water heaters can easily be forgotten until they fail, and you must call a water heater technician once you notice the problem. Extreme Plumbing can help you with your water heater repair needs.

1) Is my water heater making a loud, knocking sound?
2) Why is my water heater’s pilot light constantly on?
3) Is there water standing under my water heater?
4) Why isn’t my water heater heating up enough?
5) Why does my water heater fluctuate between hot and cold?
6) Why is my water heater constantly shutting off?

Always Available: 24/7 Emergency Air Conditioner Repairs

Even if the water heater isn’t in danger, it is worth scheduling routine maintenance yearly for a professional tune-up. Consider a more regular maintenance schedule for houses with more than three persons, such as every six months.

Get a Water Heater for Less

Extreme Plumbing can help you determine which water heater model is best for your needs. We’ll even recycle your old heater! We have special offers for you!

What is included in our water heater tune-up?

1) Check for accumulated sediment in the tank and flush the water heater.
2) Make sure you have the proper flame
3) Make sure you are correctly venting
4) Verify the thermostat
5) Check Pressure in the Expansion Tank
6) General Appearance
7) Does Water Heater Meet Code?
8) Verify your water and gas connections

All the Water Heaters That You Didn’t Know About

Although water heaters are now a significant industry, buying one is just the beginning. Experienced plumbers are essential to keep your water heater in good working order, and Extreme Plumbing is a Boston water heater specialist.

We guarantee complete satisfaction from the moment you place your order to when we remove your old water heater. After you have chosen the best water heating system, we will install and maintain your system.

We offer hot water solutions to every home and preference.

1) Tankless heaters
2) Solar-powered systems
3) Natural gas and propane connections
4) Pumps for recirculation
5) High-efficiency systems
6) Hot water faucets that heat up instantly
7) Water heater repair
8) Plus!

Water heating system: repairs, installations, and more.

The choices are endless for water heating systems that are convenient. We can help you maintain your system’s efficiency with regular maintenance and annual checks after installing it. Extreme Plumbing provides water heater service in Boston for any scenario you can imagine.

A new water heating system can help you save the home money, time, and space. There’s no need to wait for a hot shower to start.

Contact us today to learn more about how air conditioning repairs, maintenance and installations that can keep you comfortable 24 hours a day.

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