When is it time to replace your sewer line?

It’s common in our culture to refer to “replacing” vs. “repairing.” As long as we take care of all technology, including computers and cars, we can assume that it will last forever. Technology only lasts as long as intended, and the same holds for your sewer line. Sewers are subject to a lot of pressure, and they work hard to remove wastewater from your home and transport it to a treatment plant. Only certain situations will require a complete sewer replacement in Boxford, MA.

There are many reasons to replace your sewer line, from tree root infiltration to constant leaking; Our team is equipped with the necessary equipment and training to handle any job you may have. Let’s discuss why you might need us to do this job.

Tree Roots get in the way.

Tree roots can be one of the most challenging problems homeowners have to deal with. Tree roots are not only beautiful features of your property and something most people would prefer to keep. They also continue to grow with incredible force, making their way into areas like your sewer line.

It is not possible to fix the root problem with a tree. Although we can remove the root in question, it could cause damage to the tree and other issues down the line. Sometimes, we recommend that the sewer line be replaced entirely. This will allow it to pass through an area on your property free from any tree roots or rocks. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about this type of problem in the future, and you can keep your beautiful trees.

Constant Leaks

Leaks can signal that something is wrong, and leaks don’t happen randomly or without reason. While a few leaks may be caused by pressure or old age, multiple leaks can prove to be costly and time-consuming to fix. These are just a few reasons you should invest in sewer line replacement.

  1. Corrosion: Corrosion occurs in your sewer pipes. It will weaken over time as it reacts with water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other atmospheric substances. This can cause more leaks and other problems over time.
  2. Old age: Sewer lines are not designed to last forever and will eventually fail. You might not be able to recall when the pipes were last replaced.
  3. Property changes: You might consider replacing your sewer pipes to handle the increased load.

Replacement Vs. Repair

Do you need help deciding whether to repair or replace your sewer pipes? Don’t hesitate to contact us. This decision shouldn’t be taken on your own, and the solution will vary depending on your situation. We can help!

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