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What you need to know about having your Garbage Disposal replaced or repaired

It is hard to overstate the benefits of having a functioning garbage disposal in your Boston, MA, house. These appliances are inexpensive and can help prevent unpleasant sink smells and clogs. They also limit leakage and save time. You’ll want to determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to solve your garbage disposal issues when they arise. Here are the details you need to know in order to have your garbage disposal repaired or replaced.


Garbage disposals can be very affordable, even if homeowners choose high-end continuous-feed models with sleek exteriors and high torque. They also last a long time. Despite this, it is always best to have them professionally fixed and replaced. These appliances, despite their simplicity and low cost, can be difficult to repair or damage. Modern dishwashers can be connected to water disposals to provide water for washing. This connection can cause damage to both units if repairs or replacements go wrong.


Surprisingly garbage disposals do not have sharp blades that can cut or chop food debris. They have blunt impellers, which move at tremendous speed and force. These components reduce solid foods to a mushy pulp. The pulp is then mixed with water and flows through the plumbing system. However, it is possible to get your hands stuck in a moving garbage disposal. Even if your garbage disposal is unplugged before you start working on it, you might find that broken glass or other objects are trapped in places you cannot see. Poorly functioning garbage disposals can be clogged with grime. This can cause infection. There are often harmful microorganisms living in these units, as old food can be left to rot for several days or even weeks.

Cash is one of the best reasons to not work on the garbage disposal. Many homeowners believe they can save money by purchasing inexpensive units and installing them themselves. While it is relatively inexpensive to replace your garbage disposal, the cost of replacing damaged baseboards or flooring can be costly. You could experience a flood if you fail to correctly reattach the dishwasher water discharge line or install your unit incorrectly. Sometimes, poor installations can lead to electrical problems.

Insurance companies will not pay for damage caused by unlicensed or uninsured contractors. It can be costly to hire an unlicensed and uninsured contractor to repair or replace this integrated appliance. This can lead to the cancellation of any manufacturer warranties, including your dishwasher warranty.


Garbage disposals can last a long time, which is a good thing. The average unit has a lifespan of 10 years. If you use your garbage disposal and maintain it properly, you can expect 10 years of reliable service.

Monitoring what goes in your garbage disposal can help extend its lifespan. Garbage disposal is a misleading term. This is not garbage disposal or an alternative to your trash bin. You should not have a continuous-feed unit with a high level of performance that can grind up difficult and stubborn food items. This unit is mostly used to grind up small amounts of food debris. This unit should not be used for:

  1. Coffee grounds
  2. Potato peels
  3. Citrus peels
  4. Nuts, nutshells or nut butter
  5. Celery and other fibrous vegetables like it
  6. Eggshells
  7. Peels of onion, garlic, and shallot
  8. Dry foods such as pasta, oatmeal, and rice that expand in water like rice, oatmeal, and pasta.

When using your garbage disposal, it is important to have a constant supply of cool water. It can be refreshed by adding a little bit of citrus oil, citrus juice, or mild degreaser to the ice.


Common signs of garbage disposal problems include loud knocking and rattling noises. These sounds can be a sign of trapped materials and loose components. You should not attempt basic troubleshooting procedures if the problem isn’t obvious, or you cannot identify the cause. You could end up causing more damage than you solve by trying to pull or pry the items out of a noisy unit. Your plumber might be able to remove the item trapped or tighten the loose parts, but a noisy operation could indicate that your garbage disposal is past its prime.

Even if your garbage disposal works reliably, persistent, and foul odors may still exist. These units will have difficulty grinding food properly as they age and become less efficient. The odors will develop from food debris and other particles that have been trapped. It is usually time to replace your impeller blades if worn out.

These units will shut down when the impeller blades of garbage disposals become stuck. This is to prevent overheating and keep the motors from going out. These units can be turned back on once they have cleared any blockages and their impeller blades are free to move. It is as easy as pressing the red button at the base. Garbage disposals will not stop shutting down until they are cleared of blockages, and the impeller blades move properly. Motor burnout can be prevented by calling a plumber to do the job.

Persistent drain clogs or recurring water leaks are two of the most prominent indicators that you need to replace your unit. Both situations can be prevented by having an older, less-efficient garbage disposal changed.


The recommended troubleshooting of this unit is very limited to protect your garbage disposal warranty. Only a licensed plumber can diagnose most garbage disposal problems. A plumber can tell you the reason for the garbage disposal’s damage and how to avoid future problems.

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