A home’s drains can be surprisingly delicate. You might not think about what goes down the toilet or the kitchen sink, but little things can cause damage over time. Have you noticed lately that your bathroom sink seems to be draining slowly or maybe not at all? Here are a few tips to unclog your bathroom sink.

Check The Pop Up Stopper

Hair and debris can get built up and wrapped around the pop-up stopper, which can either make the bathroom sink drain slow or not drain at all. Be sure to clean the stopper and see if that fixes the clog.

Check The Trap

Remove the trap below the sink carefully to see if anything has gotten stuck in the trap. Often times, if something fell down the train, it can be found here. We see a lot of toothpaste caps, hairbands, change and more in the trap, which creates a blockage.

Snake The Drain

Snaking the drain is a quick and simple way to unblock the clog. A drain snake can get rid of any and all potential blockages by destroying them. When snaking a drain, the drainpipe snake will have certain movements and rhythms to remove any blockages present, resulting in the water flowing through easier.

If all else fails, call a professional plumber. They’ll be able to address and resolve the issue ins a quick and safe manner, ensuring your bathroom sink drains properly. For more information, contact the Extreme Plumbing Services team today (978) 352-7900


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