We are proud to be known for our plumbing services. Extreme Plumbing can be your expert provider for all of your plumbing & heating needs. We offer top-to-bottom plumbing service, repair and installation for both residential & commercial properties. We can help with new construction, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, as well as other services too.

We offers these Services: Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Furnace Installation, Water filtration, Bathroom plumbing, Water Heater Services & High Efficiency Solutions.

1) Plumbing: Extreme Plumbing offers the best emergency plumbing services in Boxford and the surrounding area. Our skilled and experienced plumbers can provide high-quality repairs, maintenance, and installations for all kinds of residential plumbing systems.

2) Air Conditioning: Extreme Plumbing, a full-service HVAC company, is located in Boxford MA, and serves Middleton and the surrounding areas. Extreme Plumbing has the experience to service all models and makes of air conditioning systems.

3) Furnace Installation: Our furnaces are made from the best quality brands. They will make your home more comfortable and save you money on your energy bills. Modern furnaces are more efficient than ever, and we can help find the right system for you and your environment. Extreme Plumbing can provide a free estimate for your furnace or heating system installation.

4) Water Filtration: Extreme Plumbing’s water filter systems eliminate irons and rust before the water can cause damage to your appliances. It can also affect the taste. This means that there will be no more mineral rings in your tub and toilet. Your whites will look even better in your washing machine! Your shower will be a lot cleaner and your shampoos and soaps will work better.

5) Bathroom Plumbing: Extreme Plumbing offers professional plumbing services in Boston as well as full-service cooling and heating system installation and repair. All residential plumbing repairs and installations can be done by us. We are licensed and highly trained service provider.

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You may be asking what plumbing is. We believe in education. The more you understand the better you can help your technicians and customers. Knowing the basics will help you make informed decisions about your plumbing system. It will also help you provide the correct information for us to get you the help you need. This is a quick article about licensed plumbers firm in Boston MA.

The plumbing system is basically your home’s circulatory system. It has two main parts: supply, which provides fresh water and waste, and drainage.

A supply line or pipe is a conduit that runs from the street or well to the foundation wall or slab. The lines are then run to supply water to the home as well as to rooms that will be used for sinks, bathtubs, and other fixtures.

The drain waste vent pipe, which is part of the home’s plumbing system, is used to transport waste water down the home and away. It also allows for sewer gases to escape through the roof. Most drain waste vent pipes are made of plastic.

In plumbing system, water heaters are also one of them. There are four main types of water heaters: electric, gas, oil, propane, and electric. Direct venting is the best option for a gas water heater. Power venting is an alternative if direct vented is not an option. The terms power assisted and direct vented refer to the way that gas generated by your water heater is released from your home. This is crucial for your health and that of your family. Because they force combustion gases from the house, both power vented and direct gas hot water heaters are less likely to allow combustion gases to flow back into your home.

Extreme plumbing is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We can assist with all aspects of plumbing system repair and installation. Each of our plumbers have been cleared by a criminal background check. We also participate in a variety of continuing education programs to make sure we provide our customers with the best plumbing service.

We Confidently Provide Excellent Service to Our Customers

Have a look at some of the kind words our satisfied customers had to say about working with us:

“We had an AC unit breakdown prior to closing on our house; we called Extreme plumbing and Ernie sent out Bob that same day for a diagnostic. He was there the next day to start the repair/replacement process and finished the work one day before we closed on our house. Bob did a very thorough job and worked many hours in order to get the job done.”
Gonny E.

five star review

“Big thanks to Ernie for getting to my house quickly when main sewer line backed up. He fixed the problem and found the culprit. Thanks Ernie!!!!”
Brian H.

five star review

For all your plumbing needs, Call Extreme plumbing. We offer complete range of service, repair, and installation for residential plumbing, including new construction projects, bathroom plumbing & Furnace installation.

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