We’ve all had to deal with a clogged drain at some point in our lives and often we are at a loss about what method works best for getting things flowing again. There are hundreds of different store bought drain cleaners that claim to remove any clog but are they really effective and safe for pipes? Also, is a store bought drain cleaner going to be enough to get that clog taken care of? There are a few different ways that you can determine what method is going to work best for your current drain issue.

The first step is to determine how long the problem has been present. If you have been having drain issues for weeks, odds are the clog is very far into the system and it might be large. This means that a professional cleaning is likely the best option to get your drain back flowing properly. Second, is the clog sudden and complete, like there may be something lodged in the drain? If so, a store bought cleaner may be enough to dislodge the clog and get things moving again.

The type of pipes that you have also makes a huge difference. Delicate pipes or clay pipes are going to need to be serviced by a professional company to help make sure they are maintained and that they are not damaged by any sort of drain cleaner. Stainless steel pipes are generally fine for any type of cleaner. You should also consider where the clog is. Clogs in bathroom drains are likely going to need professional cleaners as they are most likely things like hair and other material that is going to be hard to dissolve with a store bought cleaner. Bathroom drains are also much larger than your kitchen sink drain for instance and may need more help. Sink clogs are often easy to handle and using a store bought cleaner may be all you need.

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