The summer weather means that we can finally shed all of our winter layers and hit the outdoors for hours of fun. After spending the day at the local lake, park, or family outing, the best thing to come home to is a cool oasis that is powered by your AC unit. The worst thing, however, to come home to is sweltering temperatures because your AC failed and hasn’t been on the entire day.

How do you know if your AC is on the verge of complete failure before it gets to that point?

Your AC will give off various signs that it needs to be serviced, repaired, or even replaced. One of the easiest signs that anyone in your home can point out and notice is the sound it is making. Your AC should be smooth sounding and not be heard over your television or conversations. Here are some sounds that you should listen out for:

1. Rattling or Banging:

Loud rattling our banging is an indication that a part is loose or broken within the AC’s blower assembly or motor. Typically, you will notice the rattling sound first. At this point, you should call an HVAC professional out as soon as possible so that they can fix the issue before it completely breaks. A banging sound usually is indicative of a broken or disconnected part. Turn off the unit and call your HVAC professional to fix the problem before it damages the unit beyond repair.

2. Consistent Clicking

Hearing a clicking sound coming from your unit when being powered on or off is not anything to worry about. However, a clicking sound when the unit is already powered coming from the control panel may be due to a defective relay.

3. Screeching or Squealing Sound

If there is a squealing sound coming from the blower motor of your unit, this may be due to a bad belt which can be a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. If the problem is not taken care of, the belt can break and will have to be replaced in order for the unit to work. Sometimes, the belt simply needs to be lubricated to fix the motor screeching and squealing noises. Make sure you speak with an HVAC professional to ensure you are choosing the right oil for your unit.

Paying attention to the sounds your HVAC unit is making before it becomes an issue that is beyond repair and pricey can save you time, energy, and money. Contact an expert heating and cooling professional at Extreme Plumbing. We are experts in all things heating, cooling, and drain cleaning. Call us today!

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