There are several signs that should alert a homeowner that the drains need cleaning. We’ve outlined them for you below, so look out for these signs!

Slow drains are when the wastewater in a sink or bathtub drain very slowly, or not at all. This is a sign of an obstruction in the drain lines. It can be evident if water remains in your dishwasher after a cycle is complete or if your washing machine has water in the bottom of it after a cycle is complete. It is also an indication that your laundry and dishes are not being cleaned, as they should.

Water backing up can be found in puddles around a floor or shower drain, or water can back up into your basement or even in extreme cases, can flood your basement entirely. Sometimes you can see the water backing up in one area when you are removing water through another area. For example, if you flush the toilet and water appears in the shower drain, you definitely need drain cleaning.

Odd odors accompany stopped up drains. When you flush wastewater down a drain and it is clogged somewhere in the system, the waste remains longer and emits odors. The kitchen sink may have an odor of rotting food, or a bathroom sink may smell of sewer when you need service.

Fruit flies are tiny flies that have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to the waste buildup in household pipes. They are a pest and can multiply quickly. Fruit flies near your food can also cause a health risk to you and your family. The appearance of fruit flies in your home should signal you to call for a drain-cleaning expert.

Odd sounds in your plumbing pipes occur when you need to have a drain unblocked. Wastewater flows through the pipes, but may have a small area to flow around a blockage. This makes bubbling and gurgling sounds and you may see air bubbles coming out of the drain at the same time.

Toilet issues occur when your drains need cleaning. The toilet bowl may not refill entirely or won’t fill with any water after you flush it. Slow filling toilet bowls are a sign of a clog that limits water pressure and an overflowing toilet is a definite sign of a drain blockage.

Any of these items tell you that you need professional home drain cleaning. The best approach is a proactive approach as soon as you notice any sign of a clogged drain. Otherwise, your problem will only get worse and it can lead to very expensive repairs. if you are in need of emergency plumbing services and you’re looking for a qualified and trusted plumber to do the job, contact Extreme Plumbing today! We have been proudly serving the Boxford, MA area since 1989 and strive in providing 100% customer satisfaction…guaranteed!

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