Sewers and Drains are usually the first thought that comes to one’s mind when you think of a plumber. The sewer and drain system from your home carries waste water (gray water) and your sewage out to the city sewer system or into your septic tank. Sewer pipes are prone to a number of different problems that can have a homeowner searching for a plumber.

You have many other drains in your home too, it’s actually a complex system of piping in your walls to run your sinks, dishwashers, bathtubs, showers and more. While most drains can handle waste liquids without an issue, problems start to occur when you have undesirables going down the drain such as hair, soaps, cooking oils and fats, and other detergents.

These slowly build up on the inner pipe walls and over periods of time will slow the flow of waste down your drain until it eventually clogs. Strange gurgling noises. Horrible smells. Dirty water overflowing. These could be signs of a clogged or damaged sewer line—an inconvenient problem that could turn into a plumbing fiasco.

If you notice a sewer-like smell and discharge of gray or dirty water in your toilet, bathtub, sink or shower, seek help right away! You could have a stoppage in your main sewer line, which connects to your city’s septic tank. A sewer line blockage can cause gross and hazardous conditions for your family or business. This is a problem that needs immediate attention! No one wants raw sewage seeping into your home or workplace.

Every home and commercial building has a sewer drain that transports gray and black water to the city’s municipal sewer system. Clogged sewer lines could be caused by build-up or debris caught in the pipe.

Sewer line damage can spew unsanitary wastewater back into your residence or business, which is frustrating and also potentially dangerous to your health.

Our expert plumbers arrive quickly to assess, inspect and diagnose the problem. We carry plumbing snakes, augers and other tools to clear foreign objects or debris from the pipes.

If a sewer line suffers from structural damage, it may need repair or replacement. If so, our fully licensed and insured professionals can walk you through that process to get your building back to complete functionality.

Your main sewer line is one of the most important plumbing components to your home or business. The main line is responsible for collecting all the debris of the other drains that are connected to it and for flushing the debris in the city sewer systems or to a private septic tank.

A trenchless sewer pipe replacement is needed when a sewer pipe breaks. At Winters Home Services, we offer an alternative, less invasive way to replace and reline your sewer pipe without destroying your beautiful front yard and landscape. This can help to evade disruption and costs affiliated with digging long trenches into the yard.

Putting it politely, working on your sewer line just isn’t a good choice for DIY work. The good news is that sewer lines services are our work, and we are here to help you with all of your sewer line needs. We install, replace, repair, and maintain sewer lines, and do so via excellent work you can rely on.

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Sewer or septic lines are buried in your yard, making it impossible to see the actual pipe. In turn, this can make it difficult to know when there’s a problem with your sewer line, unless you are aware of the signs:

1) Foul–smelling puddles on your property – If there’s a breach in your sewer line, the escaping wastewater will make its way to the surface of your yard, creating puddles that are likely to be odiferous.

2) General sewer smell around your property – Even if wastewater hasn’t made its way to the surface of your yard, the sewer gasses will, and they will act as a strong indication that something is up with your sewer line.

3) Gurgling toilets and drains – If a single toilet or drain is gurgling, there probably isn’t an issue with your sewer line. But if all your sinks and toilets are gurgling every time they are used, it’s time to have one of our experts take a look at your sewer line.

There are a few common causes for sewer line back–ups that our pros have seen. The first is putting inappropriate items into your drains and toilets. When it comes to drains, it’s important to properly dispose of fats, oils, grease (FOG), and food waste. Toilets can be similarly misused. Nothing but specific paper goods like toilet paper and flushable wipes should be flushed down the toilet.

Another common perpetrator is tree roots. The roots of trees run deep into your yard’s soil and are incredibly strong. They can easily wrap around your sewer line and crush it, or infiltrate it and the roots will continue to grow inside the pipe, creating a major blockage.

If your sewer line is more than 40 years old, it may fall prey to corrosion. Sewer piping is meant to be long lasting and durable, but it isn’t meant to last forever. At some point rust may set in, and once it does, it will spread.

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