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At Extreme Plumbing, our team of professionals tackles all your plumbing needs in Boston. and whether you are remodeling a basement or renovating your home or are building a new home, we’ve got you covered from plumbing to air conditioning. We also provide emergency plumbing installations in Boston to fix leaky pipes, faulty Hot water heater tanks, and clogged sinks, and DRAINPIPES.

Our plumbers and ac contractors work with all makes and models of Hot water tanks and tankless water heaters keeping everything running perfectly with enough hot water for your family in the household. Our plumbing and air conditioning team can also handle commercial plumbing infrastructures, and new home builds in Mass renovations. No local plumbing installation job is too big or too small! No matter the issue, we can help with all your plumbing needs, emergencies, and installations.

At Extreme Plumbing, we have worked on hundreds of new and existing homes in Boston for plumbing situations you might not think of. Our satisfied customers choose us time and time again for plumbing installations in Boston for all of their plumbing needs. Give us a call today for excellent customer service and exceptional knowledge about plumbing that we can bring to your home or business.


Finding the sign of a clogged DRAINPIPE is essential in preventing issues such as flooding. Sewer DRAINPIPE clogs are severe issues for Boston local households, and if not adequately treated, can cause damage to your home and foundation.

Warning signs of a blocked DRAINPIPES include, but are not limited to:

  • Plumbing pipe producing a foul smell
  • Home flooding
  • Slow sink DRAINPIPES
  • Water backup
  • Leaking pipes

Do you have staining in your toilets? Do you have dishes that you can’t get clean from low water pressure?
Or does the faucet water have a bit of a smell? We can help!

Water Softeners & Treatment

Home Water Filtration System

The calcium in the water will eventually cause scale build-up in your fixtures, appliances, and water heaters. Corrosion damage caused by hard water is irreversible and costly to replace. You can protect your investment by installing a water softener.

Iron can be in water wells Boston can leave stains on fixtures, clothes, sinks, toilets, and appliances. Prolonged exposure can cause iron build-up in your water lines Boston leading to and plumbing issues.

Reverse Osmosis ever heard the expression you are what food you eat? the average percentage of water in the human body is up 75%. Boston is not known for having quality water; however, it can vary throughout the region. impurities found in our drinking water include nitrates, sodium, chlorine, chloramines, and even lead. A reverse osmosis system is a perfect choice to remove these impurities!

Hydrogen Sulfide gas H2S (Sulfur) is the cause of an unpleasant “rotten egg” odor in can lead to stinking of sinks, toilets, clothing, and potentially damaged plumbing. Sulfur removal system maintenance and chemical-free are recommended.


At Extreme Plumbing, our hot water tank repair service in Boston helps restores your home’s hot water tank to regular functionality. Our team of trained professionals resolves hot water issues for your home. it’s easy to hit the panic button If you’ve got a leak in your water tank, Things could go wrong & You want none of that – flooded rooms soiled carpets, , and dysfunctional electronics.– Hot water tanks adequately maintained can last many years longer if the problems that arise are addressed by a professional plumbing and heating technician, such as Extreme Plumbing.


Boston area Hot water tanks that are serviced and maintained adequately can last a lifetime or at least many years longer if the common problems that arise are carefully addressed by a professional plumbing and heating contractor near you such as Extreme Plumbing.

  1. Drop in your hot water temperature, or the duration of running hot water from your tap.
  2. Warranties on your tankless water heater have expired
  3. You notice water leaks on the top or around the tankless water heater
  4. Overall water quality Issues with, such as ruse and visible sediment in your hot water supply
  5. Water droplets could be the result of a dripping shut off valve

At Extreme Plumbing, we proudly provide hot water heater tank repair services to Boston homeowners. Our team works confidently with all major makes and models of Boston area Hot water heaters and tanks, and have 20 + years’ experience with leaky pipe repairs and installations of Boston area Hot water tanks heaters etc.


Prevent flooding and Protect your home today with our professional
DRAINPIPE cleaning service in Boston.

Your home’s sewer main in Boston and plumbing DRAINPIPES are a critical part of your home’s plumbing system—sewer lines transport waste from the house to underground yard sewer lines., many give little thought as plumbing DRAINPIPES and sewer lines are not visible to us. Outdoor Water DRAINPIPE problems caused by clogged plumbing DRAINPIPES put your house at risk for flooding and severe damage.

It is best to do preventative maintenance With plumbing DRAINPIPES, to keep clean. This is especially true in multi-person Boston local businesses and households that get more use on your plumbing than other scenarios. Whether your issue stems from the plumbing pipe clogged grease trap DRAINPIPES in your home or business, you can count on Extreme Plumbing to be one of the top DRAINPIPE cleaning services providers in Boston.


  • Cleaning and unclogging of floor plumbing DRAINPIPES and sewer systems
  • Video inspections of your DRAINPIPE and sewer system
  • Grease trap cleaning, installation, and replacement
  • Power flushing to clean plugged and dirty sewer lines
  • Maintenance and preventative maintenance

24/7 Emergency Service Available |
TOLL-FREE:  (800) 942-8555 | LOCAL: (978) 352-7900

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