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When it comes to clearing out clogs, plumbers will tell you the exact same thing. Use only chemicals sold in shops. Although it is possible to clean your drain with a plunger or a simple hand-crank, you should not use these methods. A licensed plumber can unplug drains with the most sophisticated equipment. This ensures thorough and efficient drain cleaning. It is therefore more difficult to unplug them again.

What causes drain clogs?

Any substance we flush down our drains or toilets can cause a serious drain blockage. We are asking for trouble if we put too much toilet paper down the drain, or if we throw pasta and chicken skin into the garbage disposal.

Although it is a horrible sight to see your toilet in your bathtub again, it is not an issue for the plumbing experts.

Extreme Plumbing is an excellent option for small blockages or clogs that do not become too serious. Avoid chemical drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners can be harmful to your plumbing, the environment and your health. Regular use of an enzyme-based cleaner can prevent future clogs.

How you can keep your drain clean & unclogged?

Tip 1: Clean any clogged toilets or drains with a plunger. The plunger is a cost-effective way to clean minor drain clogs.

Tip 2: Pour a brine solution down the sink to eliminate unpleasant odors. This works well in kitchen sinks, as it helps prevent grease buildup after cooking. This trick will help prevent blocked drains from ever happening. This little trick can save you a lot of money.

Tip 3: If you have a drain clog that is not clearable with a plunger, visit your local hardware store. Drain cleaner solutions may not be suitable for all drains. Make sure to read the instructions. Some drain cleaners can damage plastic pipes or garbage disposals installed in kitchen sinks. Follow all instructions to clean your drain. It is important to note that chemicals drain cleaners can cause irreparable damage to your plumbing.

Tip 4: Don’t underestimate vinegar and baking soda’s power and effectiveness. This is particularly important if your drains are clogged and you don’t wish to use chemical cleaners. Baking soda and vinegar are both inexpensive ways to clear your drains. It can also remove the unpleasant smell that sink blockages can create. A half cup of baking soda and half a cup vinegar make the best natural drain cleaner. These ingredients can be combined to clear any blockages and prevent permanent damage to your pipes.

Tip 5: To clear out drain clogs, rent or buy a mechanical snake. Thread the mechanical snake down the drain to manually clear clogs. You can use both a mechanical snake or a garden hose to clear your main sewer drain. Insert the mechanical snake into the pipe. After pushing the clog out, you can insert the garden hose with full force.

Tip 6: If none of these tips work, consult a licensed professional plumber. You can permanently damage your fixtures or pipes by pushing down on a drain.

How extreme plumbing can clean your drains

These are things that you wouldn’t expect to find in a homeowner’s garage. Drains and sewerlines that are clogged from decades of coagulated hair oil, shampoo, or cooking oil can’t be just cleaned with Drano, or a plunger.

It will take more effort to clear clogs that are harder and more dense. Professional plumbers have a wide variety of tools to clear clogs. This technology isn’t as common today as it was a decade back. A variety of special tools are available to every competent plumber, including hydro-jetting machines and blow-torches.

Manual Drain Snakes

The manual drain snake is also called a plumber’s snake, drain auger or simply a drain snake. This boring little tool is slow to turn when pushing through stubborn clogs. The hook that is at the end of the device has a corkscrew shape hook. It can be used to feed into a clogged drain or toilet. Rotation happens when the drain snake’s handle turns. This causes more snakes to go down the drain.

A manual auger can be used to clear small drain and toilet clogs. You can use the manual plumbing snake to clear minor blockages from most drains.

Motorized Drain Snake

If a blockage is detected further down the drain than the manual snake (10 ft), a motorized drain snake may be brought to your jobsite. The combination of an electric motor with torque allows powered snakes to reach 150 feet down drain lines or sewer lines.

Motorized drain snakes are used to clear blockages caused by tree root infiltration. They can also be used for grease, food waste and sewer clogs. Sometimes, motorized drain snakes can make poor plumbing worse. If your pipes are corroded or clogged with metal, a powered drain snake can be used to remove the metal from the pipes and make the clog worse.

High-Definition Drain Cameras & Sewer Line Cameras

This could indicate that your plumber has difficulty clearing a drain or sewer line with a motorized snake. One of the latest technological advances in the plumbing industry is the high-definition snake cam.

To identify the source of the drain blockage, it is essential to inspect the pipe structure. A plumber can help you determine the best tools to use and the most effective way to treat a clog.

Hydro-Jetting Machine:

The hydro-jetting device is just as thrilling as drain cameras or plumber’s snakes. Concentrated water jets are used to flush out years of grease, soap, and other unpleasant stuff from your drains.

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