Operating a commercial kitchen in places like a restaurant, hospital, or hotel requires that you pay attention to your plumbing systems. The plumbing system typically has to handle a lot of grease and waste that can clog it up and, if you regularly use heavy-duty drain cleaners to try to keep the drains clear, damage to the pipes. Here are three problems that can easily happen that will require someone to come in to perform maintenance tasks on your plumbing system to get things working well again.

Checking the Filters in Your Unit

If water backs up into the sink and plunging the sink drain doesn’t help, you probably have hardened grease and/or other material blocking the flow of the drain. A problem you will normally face is that drain opening as an X-shaped barrier in it that will stop you from using a snake to clean out the pipes. You usually need to take the U-pipe off of the drain line and manually clean it out to remove the clog. This has to be done carefully so you don’t loosen other sections of pipes and cause the pipe connections to leak – especially if you have metal pipes. This is a job for someone who knows how to work on plumbing.

Leaks Appear

Heavy-duty chemicals used to clean pipes can also cause them to deteriorate and leak. There are two ways you’ll generally notice that the plumbing is leaking: you will see water pooling on your floor, and/ or you will see water stains appear on your ceiling or walls. You will need a plumbing service to come in and track down the leaks and replace the pipes before the damage gets worse.

Sewer Backs Up Into Building

Sewer waste backing up into the building is a sign that you have a clog between the building and the sewer line. You will normally need to have a plumbing service come in with commercial equipment to remove the obstruction.

If you are having plumbing problems at your facility, give us a call and we’ll inspect the system to find and fix any problems you are experiencing.

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