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Is your home a healthy one?

Boston’s water has to travel long distances from Boston because it is in an arid area. Water travels in the ground or over land, and naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and other contaminants are disintegrated. Our water is tough and chlorinated.

1) Chlorine-free filtered water Chlorine is used to remove impurities from water. However, it is not always safe to consume in large quantities.

2) No Metals or Minerals: Other impurities such as sediment, mold, and rust are also removed. These impurities can be caused by old, rusty, or dirty pipes your tap water flows through, and these impurities should not be consumed.

3) A Better Taste and Smell: Tap water can have a less appealing taste and an unpleasant odor, and you will enjoy a more pure and clean taste.

4) Gets Rid of Bad Bacteria: You can avoid thousands of microorganisms from your water supply, and these microorganisms can cause illness in your family due to bacteria-related diseases. Water containing filtered microorganisms can be safer to drink.

5) Offers Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Filtering water keeps good bacteria out and the good ones in. These vitamins and minerals include potassium and magnesium.

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Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Have you ever thought of quitting bottled water? These are solid reasons to stop drinking bottled water.

The Secondary Effects of Hard Water – Scale

Scale refers to corrosion you see around faucets and showerheads and causes buildup in your water pipes. This corrosion can also be seen on your dishwasher, washing machine, or icemaker connections. Many people assume that water filtration systems can also address scale. Water softeners were once a solution, and two tanks were required to change the softening agent frequently.

The electronic Anti Scale System is the best choice. It not only removes scale from fixtures and faucets but also removes any existing scale from pipes. These environmentally friendly systems require very little maintenance.

Water Filtration Systems: Benefits

● Eliminate bad tastes and odors
● Water quality can be reduced by reducing known and unknown impurities
● Get great-tasting water
● Get rid of your dependence on bottled water
● Reduce corrosion to extend the life of appliances
● Laundry that is cleaner and less streaky on dishes and glasses
● There are no tank swaps and media changes within ten years.

The Benefits of Anti-Scale Systems

● Reduce scale buildup on fixtures and faucets
● Water appliances can extend the life expectancy
● Water-using appliances can be made more energy efficient
● Removing pre-existing scale
● Environment friendly
● It’s easier to clean up – there is no hard water calcification!

Three Choices For Your Family

Extreme Plumbing’s Water Filtration Experts will help you determine which options are most beneficial for your family, home, lifestyle, and budget.

a) Good: This Under Sink Filter can be used to filter water from one faucet. It removes bad tastes and odors and provides excellent drinking water without purchasing bottled water.

b) Better: This Whole Home Carbon Water Filtration System delivers high-quality drinking water to every tap in your house. It will remove scale and spots from glasses and dishes in the kitchen. In the laundry, your clothes will last longer and be cleaner. And in the bathroom, you will feel less dry skin and hair.

c) Best: The Whole Home Carbon Water Filtration System PLUS Anti-Scale System offers all of the above benefits. PLUS eliminates scale from fixtures and faucets, extends the life of appliances and pipes, and eliminates pre-existing scaling.

Water Reports and Statistics

California requires that water utilities provide consumers with an annual Drinking Water Quality Report. This report details water treatment, properties, and infrastructure updates and includes contact information for various water utility and conservation groups. These reports can be accessed online at City of Boston Public Utilities Water Quality.

The reports include measurements of water hardness. Water hardness can be measured in grains per gallon (gpg). Soft water is estimated at 0 to 3.5 gpg, and moderate water is 3.5 to 7.0 gpg. Hard water is 7.0 – 10.5gpg. Hard water is over 10.5gpg.

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