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Your sewer line should be repaired or replaced if it fails. Leaks, corrosion, or rotten smell are all signs of a problem.

Our Comfort Advisors can assess your situation and give you options. Extreme Plumbing has Comfort Advisors experienced in all aspects of restoring and repairing potable water pipes. We are the company to call if you require pipelining or repiping services in Boston MA.

We offer a variety of repiping and pipelining services.

There are many options for fixing a failing or broken sewer line. A few things will determine the right choice for you: the age of your pipes, the extent and cost of the damage, and your budget.

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We are experts at all types of repiping, heating and air, including:

1) Polybutylene pipes repair and replacement: Polybutylene is a gray plastic water supply pipe invented in the 1970s. It was regarded as the pipe for the future. It was cheaper than copper and easier to install. Any home plumbed with polybutylene will be a ticking bomb.

2) Experts in Trenchless Sewer Replacement: If you have ever had a backup in your sewer or drain, likely, it wasn’t the first. Multiple back-ups are usually a sign that your sewage system has failed. We recommend a thorough video inspection of your entire system to identify the root cause of the problem and determine if it will recur. We can locate the cause of the problem, whether it is deterioration from age or roots getting into the water. We will be able to present options. Trenchless sewer replacement requires little digging on your lawn. It is also more affordable than traditional methods.

3) Trenchless Sewer and Drain Lining: In its simplest form, trenchless sewer lining creates a new pipe within an existing line. The felt tube is made of polyester resin to insert or pull the damaged line. Trenchless sewer rehabilitation and repair methods are usually more affordable than conventional exhume (dig and replace) plans. Many Boston residents are looking at trenchless pipelining to replace traditional sewer and drainage repairs.

Do you have polybutylene pipes?

Start with the exterior to determine if your house is a “playhouse.” Underground water mains are typically blue but can also be blacked or gray. The pipe measures between 1/2 and 1 inch in diameter and are often found near the water heater. The end of the water main is where your main shutoff is, and you should inspect both lots of the pipe. There have been cases when the copper pipe enters a home while the polybutylene is a meter.

You can find polybutylene inside your home near the water heater or in the walls to supply sinks and toilets. Warning! Some plumbers may use copper “stub-outs” to exit the wall. Polybutylene pipes can still be visible if copper is visible. You may need to drill a small hole through the drywall to see the connection.

Why Polybutylene Pipes Failed & What to do Next

The oxidants in the public water supply, such as chlorine, react with the polybutylene pipes and acetal fittings. This causes them to scale, flake, and become brittle. This causes micro-fractures, which reduce the system’s fundamental structural integrity. The method may become weak and fail without warning, and this can cause damage to personal property and the building structure. Polybutylene system failures can also be caused by improper installation, which is almost impossible to detect.

Hundreds of millions in damages were awarded to plaintiffs during the 1980s. Although poly was never claimed to be defective by manufacturers, they did fund a $950 million class action settlement.

Check your insurance policy carefully if your polybutylene pipes fail. You need to know what is and isn’t covered by your insurance policy. Many insurance companies do not hide a slow leak. Because the standard HO-3 homeowner’s policy excludes any loss resulting from water leaking over a prolonged period, claims may be denied. Your insurance agent can confirm your coverage. After reviewing your policy and verifying what is and isn’t covered, check in with your agent to ensure that you understand.

For a Consultation on Repiping and Pipelining, Call Us

An hour-long consultation for a repipe or pipelining appointment will be required. This consultation is not meant to be a sales pitch. Even if you decide it isn’t within your budget, you will be able to identify the plumbing problems and the steps required to restore security and peace of mind. Leak detection products, which automatically shut off the water when there is a leak, may be an affordable option.

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