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Garbage disposal repair, Dishwashers and Sinks & More

A plumbing problem in the kitchen is not fun, and you can be inconvenienced by losing some of your everyday appliances. There is also the possibility of water damage that could cause lasting damage. A professional kitchen plumber can help you install your kitchen appliances correctly, saving you the hassle of fire and water damage.

Extreme Plumbing has provided homeowners with high-quality kitchens since. Plumbing services: We have served Boston and the surrounding areas for years. We can install new kitchen plumbing systems or repair or replace old appliances. Industry Experts to Help You With Tough Kitchen Plumbing Jobs

It is not as easy as you might think to install kitchen appliances. Installing kitchen appliances driven by motors will require you to connect them to electrical power and water. Extreme Plumbing is a company that has established many kitchen appliances. We guarantee your satisfaction with their operation.

We install and repair a wide range of kitchen appliances, including:

1) Garbage Disposals If your garbage disposal doesn’t work as it should, the blades could be stuck, or there may be a blockage. Our team will diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution.

2) Dishwashers We offer dishwasher maintenance and installation and related services like drain clearing. Our technicians will diagnose and repair any problem with your dishwashers, such as a backup or a slow draining sink.

3) Washers & dryers – Your washer and dryer could be connected to common kitchen plumbing problems. The problem could be caused by a clogged drain in your laundry unit. To ensure that your teams are repaired the first time correctly, we can help you identify the source.

3) Kitchen Sinks – Kitchen drains can be a significant source of kitchen plumbing problems and blockages. Our team can also address other home plumbing issues like laundry plumbing.

4) Faucets & fixtures Leakage can not only wastewater but also increase your water bill, mainly if it isn’t attended to. Extreme Plumbing can repair or replace the faulty fixture, regardless of whether it’s a leak or a more significant problem.

A History of Quality & Performance

A job done correctly is the best, so hiring a professional plumbing company with years of experience is essential. Extreme Plumbing has served Boston County’s plumbing needs. No one is better qualified to provide the plumbing services you require in your kitchen.

Extreme Plumbing can help you if your kitchen needs a remodel, new appliances are required, or if there is an annual inspection of the connections.

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