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Reliable Installation and Grease Trap Plumbing Service

FOG (fats and oils) is found in kitchen wastewater. These contaminants are more difficult to break down than other wastewater from toilets and showers, and FOG can back up a septic tank. Grease traps separate FOG from wastewater before it enters a septic system. Grease traps are tanks that allow kitchen wastewater to flow through before it is sent to the septic tank. Extreme Plumbing can help you with residential grease trap installation. We provide a complete range of grease trap services to homeowners in Boston.

Do You Have to Install a Grease Trap?

Grease traps are not common in Boston homes. A typical household drain will usually handle any FOG generated in a house, provided you take care of your plumbing with regular drain cleaning. Grease trap installation is possible for several reasons, and one reason is that grease traps can be used to recycle gray water. If you are unsure whether grease traps suit you, we can help.

Grease Interceptor Maintenance

Your home may already have a grease trap, and it will need to be pumped according to the regulations of your wastewater district. Or, it may be just as necessary. It may need more than just pumping; Hydro-jetting grease lines may be necessary, and repairs may require digging.

For Installation, Maintenance, and Repair, Whom to Call?

Grease traps that are not correctly installed or maintained can cause fire hazards, and it would help if you had them serviced annually by a qualified professional.

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