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Protect drinking water with a backflow preventer

Backflow is when water flows backward through your pipes into the drinking water system, and water that flows backward through a cross-connection can contaminate the water supply. Cross-connection points are found in lawn irrigation systems, swimming pools, hot tubs, and other similar devices.

Extreme Plumbing can install and repair all types of backflow prevention. We also offer optional safety cages and can test and certify your backflow prevention per the water district regulations. Extreme Plumbing can help you with backflow prevention installation and repair in Boston.

Benefits of Backflow Preventers

A residential backflow prevention system is a good idea for many reasons. A backflow preventer will give you peace of mind knowing your family is protected from harmful contaminants.

Backflow preventers also have the following benefits:

1) Stop drinking water from becoming contaminated
2) They are typically easy to maintain and require minimal testing
3) Longer lives

Our plumber technicians are licensed to ensure that your Boston backflow prevention is correctly installed and repaired to code. We can usually dispatch a plumber within 24 hours. Our vans are “warehouses-on-wheels,” so we can improve or replace your backflow preventer on the first visit. When you call us, you are covered, and we are insured and licensed.

Backflow Prevention Repairs

You have probably asked yourself if you have a backflow prevention system. A plumber can check your system, but there are some visible signs you should look out for.

1) System visible buildup or discharge
2) Leakages or water dripping near the preventer are a problem.
3) System pressures that are negative or fluctuating
4) Water hammer (Banging sounds inside the pipes)

It’s best to have a professional inspect your backflow preventer once a year to ensure it’s functioning correctly. You may not have seen water contamination before installing the preventer; however, it is possible that you will not be able to see the contamination if your system fails.

How residential drinking water can become contaminated

According to the City of Boston Water Department’s client Support Division, many factors could cause your drinking water to become contaminated. Extreme Plumbing can help install backflow preventers in your home if you suspect it has been affected by any of the above conditions.

The most common cause of residential water contamination is:

1) Back-siphoning, backpressure
2) Worms in irrigation systems
3) Garden hoses can be used to kill insects
4) Water and car wax mixed

Back-siphoning or backpressure

Back-siphoning occurs when there is a decrease in pressure or a reduction in force at the source line to a plumbing fixture or facility. Back-siphoning can be caused by an open fire, water main breaks, or water system maintenance. Backpressure is when a drinking system is connected with another system at a higher pressure level. Backpressure can be caused by boilers, auxiliary water pumps, and raised buildings.

Worms in irrigation system

After an atmospheric pressure breaker failed on a private underground sprinkler system, residents discovered parasitic worms (nematodes) in their water. The vacuum created by the sprinkler system caused a drop in water pressure, which led to some water being sucked into the city’s water supply. While filling the tub to bathe his child, the homeowner discovered worms in it.

Insecticides from garden hoses

The water system was re-siphoned with the highly toxic insecticide chlordane. One end of a garden hose was left in a barrel with diluted insecticide by an employee of an extermination company. The same employee connected the other end to an outside spigot (outside bibb). The chlordane got absorbed back into the water supply system after the pressure dropped during repair work.

Water and car wax mixed.

After an estimated 2,000 gallons of water mixed with car wax had leaked into the city’s water supply, a resident complained that her tap water was turning pink. The problem was traced to a car wash by city staff. The facility used a pressure washer to clean pipes for its plumbing maintenance.

A backflow preventer can eliminate these and contaminants, keeping you and your family healthy and safe.

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