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Extreme Plumbing is the expert!

Your drains are the most crucial plumbing fixtures in your house. Drains are responsible for protecting your home from potential leaks. A clogged drain can pose a severe threat to your home, even though it may seem trivial. Extreme Plumbing understands how dangerous a blocked drain can be to your home. We always come to you and get them fixed ASAP.

Extreme Plumbing has provided high-quality drainage services to customers throughout the Boston region. We have served over half a million residential clients. However, what matters to us is your satisfaction with all aspects of our service.

Solutions to All Drain-Related Issues

You can rely on your drains, so you need to trust someone you know who can fix them properly. Extreme Plumbing is committed to providing high-quality services whenever we are contacted. You deserve the confidence that a Boston plumber will handle your problem. We carefully select each technician for their skills, experience, and ability to provide unmatched customer service.

We can fix any drain problem, including:

1) Leakage should be drained
2) Drain clogs
3) Broken hardware
4) Slow drain flow

A drain repair can often be done quickly and without invasiveness to your home. If you have a problem with your underground or wall, we might need to dig into your home to repair it. Before we start, we inspect each drain line to ensure it is safe and correct.

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