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Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom luxuriously and hygienically? The incredible cleaning capabilities of washlets and ideas and their many health benefits are driving their popularity rapidly in the United States. These fixtures are trendy and can be found in many countries worldwide, especially South America, Japan, and Europe.

Washlet & Bidet Plumbing

A bidet, a separate fixture within bathrooms that looks like toilets and a sink, is used to clean the genital and rectal areas after using the toilet. Add-on bidets or bidet showers are popular in the United States because not all bathrooms have enough space.

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Toilet Seat Bidets

Toilet seat bidets (washlets) look similar to bidets but incorporate the faucets directly into the toilet seat. This makes it easy to use both the bidet and toilet functions in one place. These features can be fitted into small bathrooms and even allow for independent toilet use by seniors or people with disabilities. Many include heated seats, hot-water storage, retractable nozzles, and other features.

The Toto Washlet has a few benefits:

1) Hygienic
2) It is cost-effective (studies show that you could save substantial amounts on toilet paper each fiscal year).
3) Environment friendly
4) Flexible (can be mounted in almost any bathroom or on any toilet).
5) Luxurious
6) Many features included (heated seats and retracting nozzles).

Extreme Plumbing can be reached for a free estimate or to see more reasons why you love toilet seats that behave like bidets. We install a wide range of bathroom fixtures.

Extreme Plumbing’s highly skilled Boston plumbers can install any bidet or washlet fixture in your bathroom. Our team can handle everything, from running required plumbing lines to electrical connections. Our team can help you install fixtures that use warm water, heated seats, or other comfort features.

A bidet or washlet is a great way to personalize your bathroom and make it stand out, and it can also be a way to improve the cleanliness of your home. These bathroom additions are becoming increasingly popular in today’s health-conscious society and add value to homes and businesses that install them. Our team also offers a variety of bathroom plumbing options, including bidets. We can help you outfit your bathroom with any of these fixtures*

1) Washlet seats
2) Conventional standalone bidets
3) Bidet showers
4) Electronic bidets
5) Add-on bidets

*Note: Some fixtures may need special orders

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