Pipes can burst, or break, for many reasons. However, freezing is the most common reason. The cold winter in Boston makes pipes more susceptible to freezing, and can result in them breaking or burst. Our licensed plumbers at extreme plumbing(in Boston, MA) can help you with such pipe leaks & repairs them professionally.

How to find a pipe leak in your property

Our skilled technicians uses the latest technology to locate the leak and determine the cause. We offer cost-effective solutions that are quick and affordable. We leave your property in perfect condition after we’re done. Extreme plumbing technicians are well trained & handles the situations professionally. They are happy to answer all your questions at site.

Leaking pipes in residential homes can cause an increase in your utility bills and should be addressed quickly to prevent any damage to your home. You may not be able to see a leak in every pipe.

Signs and symptoms of a leak pipes

1) Water pooling on the floor or dampness

2) Low water pressure

3) Sound of running water in walls

4) Sudden rise in water bills

5) Water spots and discoloration of the ceiling

If you see any above signs of a potential leak. Our team at extreme plumbing can assist you with routine plumbing maintenance, emergency sewer services, and sewer repair.

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NOTE: You should immediately call a plumber if you notice a leak or burst pipe. Water leaks or burst pipes could cause serious damage to your home.

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Why is Leak Detection Essential for your property?

Leak detection is easy with the Extreme plumbing experts. Our company values customers and has a team that is highly trained to serve your property. Our methods are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Untreated leaks can lead to mildew growth, possible illness, damage to flooring and walls, as well as unpleasant odors due to sewer backups.

How to Fix Leaking Pipes

To detect any leaks in your home’s plumbing system, our highly skilled technicians employ the latest technology. We can locate the leaky pipe quickly and provide solutions. Extreme plumbing strives to repair leaking pipes using trenchless technology with every job. Our team can repair your leaking pipe using pipe solutions such as Cipp or cured-in place pipe lining. This allows you to keep your yard and walls free from any digging.

Trenchless sewer repair is far less costly than other types. Trenchless sewer repair saves money and eliminates excavation costs. The majority of jobs/tasks can be completed in a matter of days.

Due to the constant water flow through pipes, pipes are subject to immense pressure. It is important to contact our expert technicians as soon as you spot a leak. We can then locate the cause and fix it immediately. All of the latest equipment and tools are available to our work trucks so we can provide all types of plumbing solutions. We offer same-day emergency plumbing services because leaks don’t happen at a good moment.

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Satisfied Customers

When you have several years of working experience & happy customers, then you cannot find other service provider to fix such jobs. Many residents have relied on Extreme Plumbing for their plumbing repair and AC installation needs. We are a call away to assist you.

We Confidently Provide Excellent Service to Our Customers

Have a look at some of the kind words our satisfied customers had to say about working with us:

“We had an AC unit breakdown prior to closing on our house; we called Extreme plumbing and Ernie sent out Bob that same day for a diagnostic. He was there the next day to start the repair/replacement process and finished the work one day before we closed on our house. Bob did a very thorough job and worked many hours in order to get the job done.”
Gonny E.

five star review

“Big thanks to Ernie for getting to my house quickly when main sewer line backed up. He fixed the problem and found the culprit. Thanks Ernie!!!!”
Brian H.

five star review

“Thanks for all your help. I couldn’t have been happier with Extreme Plumbing’s new system installed at my home.”
Linda S.

five star review

“”I called Extreme Plumbing for a second opinion, and received a lower price and a more professional job. Extreme Plumbing was the best! I couldn’t be happier with their customer service and the quality of the work. Extreme Plumbing will be my first choice for plumbing services in the future.””
Amy M.

five star review

For all your plumbing needs, Call Extreme plumbing. We offer complete range of service, repair, and installation for residential plumbing, including new construction projects, bathroom plumbing & Furnace installation.

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