It is important to recognize the critical water heater warning signs that it is failing, before it is too late. You can also prevent expensive repairs and replacements by keeping your water heater operating at optimum levels.

Are you having trouble with your water heater? Below are the most common issues with water heaters. We also have tips for how to fix them.

1. Hot water is not enough

Are you unable to take one shower per day because of the lack of hot water? If you don’t have enough hot water to shower once a day, you are doomed. One of our client faces this sort of issue. We remember when he was living in an apartment without a water heater that could heat all the units. He wanted a hot bath so he heated water in the kettle, then added it to his warm tub.

These scenarios indicate that your water heater is not producing enough hot water. You shouldn’t boil water from your stove to heat it – this can lead to serious health problems.

2. There are varying water temperatures

Sometimes the water temperature fluctuates between too hot and too cold. Although it’s easy for people to ignore temperature fluctuations, they could indicate a larger problem with their water heater. It will only get worse over time.

3. A leaking water heater is a problem

You should immediately take action if you see water coming out of the unit or pooling at the bottom. Leakage of water heaters is usually a sign of a serious internal problem.

4. Reduced water flow is noticeable

A buildup of scale or sediment within your water heater, or in the plumbing connecting it to different locations in your home could indicate changes in the water flow rate or pressure. You should not ignore this warning sign and deal with it later. The buildup could cause you to lose hot water during winter.

5. Some of the sounds you hear are alarming

Keep an ear open for unusual sounds coming from your water tank. These sounds are usually signs that something is wrong with your water heater. Many studies found that water heater tanks emit noises due to either scale and burning or a damaged heating element. Boiling sounds, which are often a sign of pressure buildup or intense overheating, are the most alarming.

6. Water is stale or discolored.

Water odors that smell like rotten eggs or water discoloration such as rusty or muddy colors, could indicate that the heater’s tank is leaking. The anode rod of the tank, which kills bacteria, and removes rust, could be damaged.

7. Your water heater is at the older end.

Water heaters of today are more reliable and durable than those made five years ago. A new water heater will last at least 10 years. It is quiet, efficient, and almost maintenance-free. Older machines may produce lukewarm or humming water as they near the end of their lifespan.

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Water heater problems can be reduced by regular maintenance

Hot water heater maintenance and professional inspections can help to preserve its functionality and efficiency. By flushing your tank every few month, you can prevent scale buildup and sediment buildup which is often the source of hot water issues. To ensure that important components like the pressure relief valve or abode rod are working properly, you’ll need to inspect them on a regular basis. Insulating hot water pipes and the unit can increase efficiency and prevent energy loss.

When you are performing maintenance on your water heater, make sure to wear gloves and goggles. Before performing any tasks, make sure to turn off the heater’s power.

You can either schedule an appointment with a licensed professional to inspect your unit or you can do maintenance on your own. But, make sure you check your unit before winter arrives. It is usually more difficult to schedule professional inspections or repairs during colder months. Additionally, the cost may be higher.

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