Water leakage in your home can cause severe structural damage and leave your family’s health at risk. Thankfully, leaking pipes usually leave signs that you can look out for. Here are three signs of a leaking pipe.

1. Sagging Ceiling

When water leaks from pipes on a second floor, it flows downward, saturating the ceiling wallboard. This comprises the tensile strength of the ceiling and eventually will lead to sagging. If you are starting to notice a sagging look to your ceiling, consider the water pipes that are above it. It can be leaking due to a wash machine or upstairs bathroom.

2. Reduced Water Pressure Than Normal

The water pressure in your home is regulated and part of it comes from the inside diameter of your pipes. If you have a leaking pipe, then some of that water is diverted outside the pipe. You’ll be able to notice if this happen because the pressure of the water flowing out will be reduced. It may be a drastic reduction, or it may happen subtly over time. Reduced water pressure is almost always caused by a leaking pipe, so it this happens to you, be sure to call a plumber as soon as possible.

3. Dark Stains or Rust Spots on the Floor and Walls

When standing water eventually evaporates, it leaves telltale stains. Water from leaking pipes will have a tendency to puddle around the area. It may dry up before you have a chance to notice it, but the resulting stain will still be there. If you notice a dark, unexplained stain, it’s likely that there’s a leaking pipe in the vicinity. A rust spot may also indicate a leaking pipe because water in pipes has metal elements in it that can lead to rust when oxygen is present.

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